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Mistercee | 11:53 Fri 10th Mar 2006 | Music
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Was there a cartoon series shown in the late 60's early 70's feturing a giant robot called Giganto ?


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"The plot consists of a young boy, Jimmy Sparks controlling the huge robot Gigantor. Dr. Brilliant created the robot, and acts as a mentor for Jimmy."

And since this is a music thread it was The Dickies that did a song call Gigantor (and I have it as a yellow 7" vinyl single). The lyrics:

gigantor the space age robot
he's at your command
gigantor the space age robot
his power lies in your hands
coz he's bigger than big
taller than tall
quicker than quick
stronger than strong
ready to fight for right against wrong

that was the title music to the cartoon

and incidentally, my first experience of japanese anime

As per the earlier responses indeed there was. I used to watch it regularly along with the singing ringing tree and some other cartoon about King Arthur I think it was. Happy memories eh!

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