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are you kidding....old news....this guy rocks

and for all of you who wanted proof that bush and blair are lovey loemakers

youll have to copy and paste the last one.. its worth it tho

Hey estie, hows you? Dont know where the song originated but theres lots of home videos of people dancing and singing to this on the net, the one goodsoulette posted first is by far my favourite though lol, he gets so into it bless him!
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Hahahaha. Very good, Goodsoulette.
Still want to know what that song is though!

Hiya chilly. I've missed you.

Cannot believe I am going to answer this as a pure indierock fan...

Dragostea din tei - Ozone


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How did you know that?!?!
The answer is right it was fairly big when it was released - awful song!
goodsoulette -- they are two of the funnier clips i've seeen for a while -- excellent, especially loved the bush / blair duet. great stuff.

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