You Take My Breath Away. Who sings it?

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Lynn_M | 00:43 Sat 04th Feb 2006 | Music
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Here's a challenge for you. Who sings the song 'You Take My Breath Away'. It's a fairly recent recording and it's from an album called 'Deep Cut'. It's NOT by Berlin (different song, but similar title), but it MIGHT be by SuDeeP, but highly unlikely. They/she did record a song with this title, but I have found no reference of them/her recording an album with the title 'Deep Cut'. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance.


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Sounds like The Knife with their album "Deep Cuts".
You are almost right. It's by SuReal - You Take My Breath Away & I have it on CD single! Great choon.
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Thanks, Kempie, I've matched the information that you gave me with the information that I already had, by going to 'The Knife' website, found via the yahoo search engine; and you're absoulutely right. The answer IS The Knife Thanks ever so much. Thanks also, Headrush, for your imput.

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You Take My Breath Away. Who sings it?

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