random thoughts of starting a band

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clairey-s | 18:58 Wed 01st Feb 2006 | Music
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im stresed! so the other day when the random thought of starting a band came into my head, i didnt ignor it.... im and okish singer, nd im quite confidend, i can read music (well im abit rusty bt u no) and play keyboard. is starting a band a good idea? i dnt care about playing for people / making money its js a way to do what i like doing nd get away from all the exam / coursework stress? btw i am 15.... any ideas? anyone??


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I was in a band at your age and had the time of my life! Don't let it get in the way of your studies though. As a singer it should be easy to find a backing band.

School notice board - Anyone want to be in a band - worked for Larry Mullen he had a little success with his band U2.

Failing that an add in the local paper - However be careful. Get your mum or dad to vet replies and use a box number.

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u2? that obviously isnt a good idea, ive never heard of them.... ;-)

i doubt my school has a notice board nd if i put anything like that on it most people would laugh in my face... but there you go :P

GO FOR IT. Being in a band is great fun and a very positive way to exped your energy. Put a notice up at school and see if anyone replies.

Oh dear, without being patronising, if you haven't heard of U2 I think it best if you leave the whole band thing alone.

I am not saying you have to like U2 but they have outsold Elvis and Bowie combined in the past 5 years.

PS Elvis was a rocker who had a few hits years ago

Bowie, likewise, a minor hit in the 70's.

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oh my LORD language of smileys, man
;-), ie. I AM JOKING

god...u2... tut....

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js to prove my point:

with or without you, walk on, beautiful day, sunday bloody sunday, mysterious ways... ETC

claire bear such wit at such a young age.
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claire bear? do i know you? sorry, its js some friends call me that....

no clairey bell you do not know me. And for anybody else looking I DO NOT associate with 15 year old girls!

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all reet all reet clam urself

im v.v.v. upset that u dnt associate with the likes of me, so bye :'(

when are you 16????? JOKE

can't believe you didn't pick up on the smiley w-m, tut tut, showing your age lol. Think I'll just step into this conversation as a unofficial chaperon ;o)

Clairey-s, don't worry about what other people think, especially when it comes to music, I can assure you, even if you get teased to start with, they will be madly jealous when you actually get a band together.

You don't have to put your name on a flyer if you don't want to, just tell people when the audition is. or why not approach one person first who you think would be good, and then there's two of you to audition others.

I'd say go for it definitely. good luck x

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random thoughts of starting a band

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