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jennyjoan | 14:31 Sat 02nd Jul 2022 | Music
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listening via brilliant headphones - the dj is playing the above Jolene - he says she is a brilliant singer - OMG - find all her singing squeaking and does nothing for me - depresses me actually.


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Snap - with clogs on, JJ.
I can't even bear to listen to her speaking, let alone singing.
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oh - you agree with me Ken - even sister doesn't know where she gets her magic from. just a lucky woman
if you think Dolly is squeaky, seek out "Jolene" by the White Stripes.....
I quite like her
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Dolly is enough with Jolene - won't be seeking out anybody else for that matter. her squeaking in my ears and knees squeaking - that'll do for me for the day.
Jolene is a dreadful song and no young woman should ever hear it, along with Substitute and Stand By Your Man.
There is very little of Dolly's songs that I do like, Islands in the Stream is okay
Oh I don't agree. She went down a storm at Glastonbury too.
Neither do I, Hoppy. Fantastic lady, great songwriter and a joy to listen to.
I'll never forgive her for writing the screechy I Will Always Love You, sets all the dogs off
I think Dolly's a well balanced lovely lady.
Well, somebody must like her.
2022 net worth $805 million.
monthly income $ 4 million.
If she'd been born in the UK she would be Dame Dolly for all her charity work.
No doubt she is a very shrewd businesswoman and has sold her brand very well
There is no doubt she has millions of fans the world over. And good luck to them. I just don't like the type of music she sings. And, for the same reason, I never liked Michael Jackson, nor Stevie Wonder, the 3 Degrees, Four Tops, etc, etc. All popular performers, i'm sure you'll agree.
I know full well i'm in the minority with my music preferences - with the possible exception of Queen. Each to his own.
Then there's the Imagination Library, Hoppy. A wonderful scheme.
FYI Islands in the stream was written by the Bee Gees
$1m is a huge amount of money but in reality is a quarter of one month's income. I agree she does an enormous amount of work for charity, she has a big heart and seems to be a fabulous person - it doesn't mean I have to like her music, singing or song writing.

I know that, TheWinner, but she did sing it with Kenny Rogers.
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nobody is questioning Dolly Parton's generosity - just her singing. She is very much a kind lady but that's it.

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