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FatticusInch | 22:34 Wed 22nd Jun 2022 | Music
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is actually Number 14 in the Charts and climbing.

Strong language warning.


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Apologies, failed to post. It’s this one.

ah, anthemic!
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Got a feeling that by the end of summer Johnson will be hearing the Strawbs oldie a lot more(ABers in Scotland may or may not enjoy that one! Lol).
Nope ...not //number 14 in the charts and rising//
Not even in latest top 100 as of yesterday.

Good song but fake news. You fell for it
Well I was referring to the strawbs
But same applys to Tom waits.not in top 100.
Part of The Union was a massive hit in Europe. The Strawbs said they were trying to highlight the problems that the unions were causing, not that they sympathised with them. However, this didn't stop them turning down a photo opportunity with Jack Jones.
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//Well I was referring to the strawbs
But same applys to Tom waits.not in top 100.//

Depends which chart you’re looking at, number 14 in the iTunes chart yesterday.
YOU fell for it.
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Fair enough if you want to pick a chart that only looks at a few of the sales/downloads that make up the overall chart. I could probably find a chart that still makes Elvis or Baby Shark or anything I want in the top 10
and yes I meant tom walker not Tom Waite. Still not in the charts that matter
//YOU fell for it.//
Get over yourself. You fell for it. You probably just posted a facebook or twitter post what you read without checking it
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Lol, take a deep breath bobbinwales!

Posted to Farcebook or twitter? How very dare you! Never been so insulted. I’ll let you get back to your ‘Jackie’ magazine. Rofl.

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