Does A Particular Song Or Piece Of Music Make You Cry?

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barry1010 | 10:28 Tue 26th Apr 2022 | Music
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I'm dead hard, me. I can sit through Dumbo without feeling a twitch of emotion, never get teary watching tv or reading a book. Hard luck stories leave me cold. I didn't even cry when Hayley died (Corrie, for those who don't watch it) but one song always has me blubbing, and I don't know why. If it plays whilst I'm driving I have to turn it off.

If You Could Read My Mind - Gordon Lightfoot


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Timeless Classic.
Yup, that does it for me too, the best heartbreak song ever.
'Mama' by Dave Berry, and 'What Colour is the Wind' by Charlie Landsborough.

I loved 'Mama' when our mam was alive, but she died (many years ago) and I just can't bear to listen to it.
I'm Not In Love - 10 CC
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I haven't heard 'Mama' for many years, I'd forgotten it.
A day like this by Elbow makes me feel sad.

The record (album) was dedicated to a beloved Manchester musician who died and who I knew. So it already had a sad association.

My best friend bought ‘Seldom seen kid’ and it was his current favourite album. Then he suddenly died. We played ‘A day like this’ at his funeral.

So it has a double whammy of tearfulness.
Barry, if you can get Boom Radio, give it a go. If you like the oldies, you'll love it.
Also Atlantis on DAB.
Hazel O'Connor - "Will you"
Barcelona, with Freddy and Montserrat always gives my goosebumps, and The First Time Ever I saw your Face, Roberta Flack.
I can understand that.
Beautiful song..
No particular songs, as such, but whenever i watch Gary Moore playing the blues, i have a tear in my eyes at a true talent gone.
Agree with you Ken4155. We went to see him play a few years ago in Cordoba. He was magic. Mr.Sam listens to him every day and granbabySam is growing up listening to his music.
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This thread is bringing back some lovely memories
There's a line in a song....'You're the place my life begins, and you'll be where it ends'. I get emotional hearing that.
in the mood by glen miller ...played at my dads funeral ....but when i sing a lot of people cry x
The video of Freddie Mercury singing 'Who Wants to Live Forever'. He was clearly nearing the end when he recorded it. That was sad.
Released in '86, Freddie died in '91. Hardly nearing the end.
Unless, of course, you mean Days Of Our Lives?

I rephrase then. To me, he looked like he was very ill when he recorded it. His illness had certainly taken it toll on him.

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Does A Particular Song Or Piece Of Music Make You Cry?

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