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youngsirjeff | 16:23 Wed 14th Dec 2005 | Music
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When will I, will I be Famous?


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I can't answer, i can't answer that!
Three stars, that man !!!
Question Author
Ha ha ha only one star, only one star for you. Clever Cloggs.
Are you really THE youngsirjeff?

If you're askin who sang was Bros, who were unbelievebly bad.

But Ij ust adore gary's reply- go arrrrrrrrrrrn, give him 3's Christmas you know!

My guilty secret! I stand by the three Bros records i own! I Quit (the acid mix) is awesome, the 15 minute long mix of When Will i... has fooled many cool people when ive played it and Drop the Boy was just good pop music.

Oh blimey gary, i'd have only admitted that under torture!

youngsirjeff? take that one star off him, he clearly doesnt deserve it ;-)

Ah Boo - give me a break - i can assure you they are not the most embarassing records ive got. Ive got more Kajagoogoo records than a man of my standing really should own!

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