What Is The Name Of This Song?

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Jack8991 | 22:47 Wed 20th Oct 2021 | Music
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Ok so there’s this song I can remember, but I can only remember one line and the instrumental. It sounds like an 80s song, sung by what sounds like a black male. The line I remember is it goes, ‘NA NA NANA NA NANA NA’ then the instrumental is somewhat similar to the Daryl Hall and John Oates song ‘I can’t go for that’, obviously not the exact same but a similar ish sound. Any help? Thanks


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Oops. all typing at the same time, me being the slowest!
Sorry! Didn’t check the link …
Centrefold seems a good cll to me.

Theres been plenty of na na na na songs over the years. Wont be this but i did like Cozy Powell (not his best tho)

bobb, probably not that one, but it certainly got my feet tapping.
of course Hey Jude has some nanas in it but I can't imagine that's it.
crash, the Primatives?

na nana s at 00:50
Problem is we don't know if the na na's are at the beginning, part way through or at the end.
We also don't know if it's a slow or up beat song.
It's like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Hopefully jack will look back into AB and will let us know whether its Centrefold. I can see sort of the comparison to I Can Go For That.
I also wondered about a Level 42 song but I can't find one which has those lyrics even though I was humming one.

Great song from the Primitives Tora but she dont sound like a black male at any point to me
Man in the Mirror. Michael Jackson?
Has this one been suggested?
//na nana s at 00:50// Haha we can use that again TTT.

Not this is it Jack8991?

What is it Tilly?
Yes I tried that togo early on and got a no
Question Author
Hi guys! Not found it yet. I feel like the NA NA bit is just in the song somewhere. It’s definitely not a modern song, it really sounds 80s, with an 80s sounding instrumental
Ini Ramoze
Your link doesn't open Tills. What was it. (I was in Stoke on Tuesday)
Question Author
It might even be LA instead of NA. I literally haven’t heard it in years but I just remember that and the instrumental
So is it mainly instrumental?

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