Watching Totps 1991 And

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Bobbisox1 | 19:19 Fri 15th Oct 2021 | Music
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Stevie Wonder singing Sun Day Fun Day, the video , he’s driving a large saloon car?
What’s that all about then ?
There was a woman in the passenger side, would that be akin to having a driving instructor sitting with you?


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Don't know watched Bob Marley instead.
He replaces the woman with a load of kids at one point in the video ;-)

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Yes he does Chris , weird innit?
Many years ago, a guy I used to serve in a pub returned from visiting his brother in the USA. He related the tale of getting stopped by the police there for speeding in his brother's car on an otherwise deserted desert highway. (His brother had been tired on a long journey, so the guy had taken over at the wheel for a while). He said that he was relieved that the cops hadn't wanted to see his British driving licence, as he hadn't got one. If they'd asked though, he could have shown them proof that he was registered blind ;-)
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And he drove?
Yup - and above the speed limit too!

I'm fairly sure that some film trickery was used in the Stevie Wonder video (although he did own a Rolls Royce - Oprah Winfrey gave him one). However, having worked with blind children and known several blind adults, I ceased being totally amazed by what visually handicapped people can really do long ago!

For example, despite theoretically being fairly good at chess myself, I've been beaten at the game by a totally blind 8-year-old boy. Our own Woodelf's paintings take some beating too!
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Wow, that’s amazing Chris
People often mention the generosity of Ms Winfrey in handing her friend a Rolls Royce but never speak of the body shop and vehicle recovery empire she founded at exactly the same time. :-P
Buenchico, I've known a lot of blind children and a few have excelled at chess. They must have a phenomenal memory.
Watching blind children race round on their push bikes within the extensive grounds of their school was scary - for me, not them.
Some were pretty nifty footballers, too - bell in ball, sighted person behind goal blowing a whistle, other sighted people shouting positions etc
The car was probably being towed, notice the camera angles when showing him 'driving'.

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Watching Totps 1991 And

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