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jennyjoan | 23:40 Sun 10th Oct 2021 | Music
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I would love just to have the hits she made that I know - is there anyway I can get only the songs she sang and I remember.

Can you burn a CD or is that a no no now. Mind you it is years since I did that.

Or is there any other way I can get her all the songs I remember singing onto my own personal CD


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Or you could download Spotify, not the premium version, the free one and get her music free, or's great way of hearing your fave music or podcast
There are sites aplenty where you can transfer YouTube videos to MP4 or MP5, then transfer them to a device of your chosing, or burn them onto a disk if you want to. Just google "youtube converter" or something similar.
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I bought one. It is just for car driving
Jenny can you get someone to ‘rip’ the ones you like to listen to and then put them on a CD for you, I would but we have no contact off here , all you’d do is make a list of those you enjoy

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