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tiggerblue10 | 11:02 Sun 10th Oct 2021 | Music
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Not many people have heard of Leadbelly but he was an inspiration to many musicians/artists over the years and quite a few of his songs have been covered.

If you know of any, which are your favourite covers?


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just dug out Leadbelly CD. Alberta. was that covered by Eric Clapton and Rock Island covered by Lonnie Donigan
Key to the Highway - Derek and the Dominoes. - But I think Leadbelly's was also a cover!

Key to the Highway by Bill Broonzy and Chas Segar
I know - but I also liked Leadbelly's version! It is really a blues standard and covered by many!
cant remember hearing that version but ill look out for it. Ive only got the sheet music
razorless (this song is presently unavailable in my area (Thailand) but it may be Ok for you!
ill check it out on utube also ill get my old albums out of the loft. if i can get it to you ill do my best
a hard copy that is
I'm Ok thanks Razorless. I have it on a compilation of blues classics that one of my friends did for me many years ago. I have it, but it is not an official album, just a home-made CD!
ive a few like that myself. better than not having though
Gallows Pole, though again I think that was an old song that Leadbelly also covered.
I guess one of his best known tunes would be "Goodnight Irene".
Covered by Eric Clapton/Van Morrison/Johnny Cash etc etc etc

Ry Cooder has a Youtube of this from The Old Grey Whistle Test.
I think my favourite though, is from good old Keith Richards.......
King of the 12 string guitar.

If It wasn't For Dicky - covered by many
Cotton Fields - covered by The Beach Boys
Ry Cooder's covers of Leadbelly's work seem to stick somewhat closer to the originals than many other artistes interpretations seem to have done.

Question Author
I love Nirvana's cover of Into The Pines, Where Did You Sleep Last Night.
Buenchico, I don't know that there's much point in sticking close to the original, unless you're a juke box. The point of a cover version ought to be about what you can bring to it that's new. Both Buddy Holly's and the Stones' versions of Not Fade Away are great, but very different.
^^^ It wasn't written by Leadbelly though, Tigger, so it could be argued that his own version was a 'cover' anyway.

I'd agree though that the Nirvana version . . .

. . . is a damned sight better than the one that made the UK charts in 1964!

Question Author
Oh, I thought it was, Chris. This shows Leadbetter Huddle as the writer.

nirvana where did you sleep last night' lyrics
Question Author
*Huddie, not huddle!

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