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mavis-gold | 21:50 Thu 23rd Sep 2021 | Music
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a lot of misinformation on the interwebs
elle has the answer but doesn't see to be able to post it here

the definitive answer
Liz Brewer had nothing to do with the Hang On Sloopy video
Rick Derringers wife had nothing to do with the video

The McCoys had a #1 hit version of Hang On Sloopy in 1965. The VH1 video is a 1975 version of Hang On Sloopy by Rick Derringer who was with the McCoys in 1965.
The dancer in the video is Lisa Leonard Dalton. Details now on YouTube


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This is odd. Someone asked this recently and there were loads of similar threads on anserbank over many years. I'm not sure why people keep telling us the dancers name
I have spent a few hours looking into timelines into these 3 women. This is what I have found. Lisa Leonard Dalton is who I believe is the dancer in the video. It is all told in the video link shared above so I will share what I found about the Liz's.
Liz Agriss married Rick Derringer. Her family can be found in NY and in different documents including the obit of her brother, Richard Agriss who passed in 2018. You can find pictures of Liz and Rick together during the beginning of their marriage online with shutter stock and others. She is indeed labeled a legendary music journalist was once married to equally legendary musician guitarist Rick Derringer in what was one of the most celebrated partnership in rock and roll history. Liz got her start writing for Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine. She is also the godmother to Liv Tyler, daughter to Steven Tyler and Bebe Buell, who thought for many years Todd Rundgren was her biological father. Interesting huh? That leaves the lady from Britain named Liz Brewer. In her own words, she was in Portugal in the 60's and back to London 67 getting her club running. It is on record as her marrying John Rendall Nov. 78 and there are pictures of them online with shutter stock and the like. Clearly, they are two different women. She could not have been married to Derringer when she was overseas with her life there. Interesting note, John Rendall is the same man that with Anthony "Ace" Bourke bought Christian the Lion from Harrod's and if you haven't seen the famous video of them going to see if Christian remembered them, you should look it up.
This lady has sure had some coverage over the years, quite fascinating really.
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people post because they think they know the answer.

I posted to set the record straight.
I know the answer.

Steven Smith spent almost a year researching and interviewing people to verify Lisa Leonard Dalton is the dancer in the video.

to see his proof watch the video
I'll make that link work for you.

Bobbinwales, unfortunately answers here cannot be changed and people learn things as time goes by. I like everyone else went with the popular Liz was the dancer. That was all the information out there. I ran across a posting by Steven Smith from Puget Sound Media a few months back and have been talking with him for quite some time. He was on a quest to find out the identity of the dancer because things did not add up for him either. So yes, in another post from some time back, I did answer someone's question about who she was based on the only information out there. Thanks to Steven not giving up, organizing, interviewing and having researched information on not only Lisa but digging into the Liz's, he has written a great article that you can read at PSM and posted a video with all the proof someone should need on his YT channel, King of the House Inc. There is an in-depth interview with Lisa being put together at this time and will be released on his website when completed. Since the post in another Answers Bank has closed and I couldn't respond to your stating I was the one who made the comment, I wanted to let you know now why and how I have learned about the recently postings on YouTube and other places over the last couple of weeks and believe Steven to have found the true identity of the Sloopy Girl dancer. I for one and very happy to see the corrections being made and her to get the credit for the work she did.
Why does this question keep being asked? Here it is in 2007.

Personally, I just don't care.
Somethings afoot to me, maybe aimed at getting youtube links hits or name checks but its harmless. Hard to believe so many new users are looking for the name of one dancer from 50 years ago on a song most have forgot.
My interest has nothing to do with internet hits because I don't have a YT channel. Nor do I do facebook or tictok. My interest came after it kept coming up on suggestions to watch the video by about 25 people that have posted it, all with different information. So why all the curiosity? I don't know, but I do know this. The woman from Britain has made a lot of claims and several bloggers and such have all put out different information and when I saw a profession music journalist wanting to set the record straight, I started following him. For the life me, I wonder why that bothers some people. If you have no interest, it certainly is easy to go to the next post. I am glad Mavis-gold and Mamyalynne share the same interest of wanting someone's work being rightfully named and not stolen by another woman, I'm glad to see it and supportive of Lisa for wanting her true story told now matter 5 minutes, 5 years or 50 years. As for Hopkirk and Bobbinwales, why does it bother you that others would like to know the truth?
This is bizarre
then ignore it Hopkirk,
Watched the video on YouTube and said to myself that sure aint 1965,the hairstyles and the bands attitude just didnt match with the 60s .Turned out i was right,video made about 1975.
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people keep asking because until now no one has given a definitive answer.
many people are interested in who the dancer is. at least 30 million people have viewed a YouTube video of Rick Derringer performing Hang On Sloopy.
almost 2,000 have viewed the answer video on YouTube since posted earlier this week.

if you're not interested then don't participate...
Why is there such interest that facial recognition techniques have been used?
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just more evidence
Glad it's been 'resolved' but am still puzzled as to why an average cover version which wasn even a top 50 hit ( well not in uk) in 1975 seem's to have been the subject of so much interest to make it seem like one of rock's biggest unsolved mysteries..
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there have been over 30 million views and thousands of comments on the Rick Derringer Hang On Sloopy video. so for whatever reason many people are interested. part of the interest may because people want to know who it is and there has been conflicting identifications of who the dancer is.
Too add to that, the first video that has been found upload to YouTube is in 2010, belonging to SowGelder who has an astonishing 20 million + views. He recently reviewed Steven's video on Lisa upon request, agreed and has since removed Brewers name. Little by little Brewer is being replaced as someone has taken a lot of time to contact bloggers and YouTubers and asked them to review the video and change if they agree. Most have. So while the video itself was recorded in 1975, it did not hit YouTube until around 2010, and Lisa didn't know about it until 2013. Unable to get people to believe her by simply saying in comments I was dancing, it wasn't until Steven wanted to locate the real dancer and started on a quest to find her. He did. The story, talking to family, viewing the pictures, doing the facial recognition because he had access to it being in the business, all of that went into verifying Lisa's claim. Steven Smith is a professional and out of his own pocket he put together the production of this video and the upcoming interview that will be released soon. So with that being said, It has only been 8 short years for Lisa and her family to try and fight an unforgiving internet crowd. Thank you Steven for helping Lisa get back the identity she rightfully deserves.
It is Lisa Leonard Dalton. She was 19 at the time and lived in a suburb of LA. She won the grand finale dance contest in 1974 at one of LA's top night clubs. A guy in films asked her in 1975 if she would come by a Hollywood backlot studio and dance in a short film. She lived nearby and went over and danced. It was the Sloopy film shoot. She has witnesses, memorabilia and photo evidence. She didn't say much about her role until 2021 when she finally agreed to speak with media. For those asking about the appeal of the video, 25 to 30 million views, for a remake of a 1965 hit..I am convinced it is mainly about the dancing girl...not the cover song. As someone who hosts two of the videos at YT, I can say that 90 percent of those commenting reference Lisa's dancing vs. the tune.

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