Identifying A Song In My Head.

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lacmag3 | 23:21 Tue 03rd Aug 2021 | Music
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A tough one this..I have a very popular song in my head but can't identify it. It begins with a long instrumental section, very catchy with a strong beat, followed by lyrics that are in a foreign language, possibly Spanish. It's perhaps circa year 2000. Bit of an ask, I know, but any suggestions?


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If it's any help it's often used to accompany presentations of photos in a meeting situation.
Is it the extended remix of The Macarena?
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Not Macarena, JimF.
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No Corbyloon, that's not it. It has a very modern feel to it.
When and where did you hear it last?
There was a time when "Hoppípolla" seemed to be in documentaries and trailers on the Beeb every other week...
Make or female voice lac?
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The lyrics, when they eventually come, seem to be sung by two or more people, maybe one man and one woman. Definitely foreign
Thanks, nothing comes to mind as yet.
Okay maybe not. Good tune but no language or male voice
Mambo number 5?
One called guaglioni or similar was played alot too
Guaglioni is an instumental, no lyrics - loved that Guinness ad
As you say, it's a big ask, AB isn't the best place for an answer.

They're called ear-worms & drive you crazy sometimes. Maybe you could phone a musically minded friend & hum it to them - a facility we don't have (as yet) on here. :0)
Yes we need a bit more info. I've enjoyed going back through some old tunes though which dont quiet fit your description but are often played on TV clips - Robert Miles -children, Sash (encore un Fois0, DJ Sammy, Daddy Yankee
The other one I thought off was Yolanda be Cool altho that were from 2009

Have we got right sort of music lagmac3??
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Maybe I'll take Khandro's advice and hum it to a friend, if I can find one who doesn't think I'm nuts :-)
Do you have Google Assistant on your phone? It has a feature to name a song. I found the name of a guitar tune I wanted to hear on demand by using it.

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Identifying A Song In My Head.

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