How Can I Make A Playlist Of 3/4 Songs That Play After Each Other Without Adverts Between?

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Karamia | 22:11 Sat 24th Jul 2021 | Music
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I am trying to put together a playlist to run alongside a powerpoint but keep getting adverts before each song starts.
Is there a way to avoid this? I am using a free youtube app at the moment.


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If you areplaying them tunes from the internet, then adverts are to be expected.

The only other way to do it would have the tunes in the same location as your presentation.

Either way remember copyright exitsts, and where you are doing the presentation may not be licenced to play commercial music.
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Thank you Tuvok.
It is only at home for family. A PowerPoint for sons 21st with photos of him growing up. Just wanted to play a few of his favourite songs while watching.
There is a software called Kapwing that I have used to edit YouTube videos. You may be able to edit the ads out. I've never tried that nor have I ever created a playlist, though.
There are countless (it seems) online services for downloading YouTube audio content (minus the ads!) as mp3 files. I've used several over the years but I can't remember for certain which ones I've liked best. I'm reasonably certain that this is one of the better ones though:
[NB: If any such site ever asks you to download some software to do the job, simply decline and find another site. There's no point in inviting malware onto your computer].

Once you've got your collection of individual files, you can then join them together into one. There are online tools for that too, such as this one (which allows you to select the interval between your tracks or to cross-fade one track into another):
[See the link under 'Help' for instructions].

Once you've got a composite audio track, you can then use it with your PowerPoint presentation.
If you have the tunes in a mpeg (video) file, open the file with Audacity and you will get the audio part.
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Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions. Much appreciated.

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How Can I Make A Playlist Of 3/4 Songs That Play After Each Other Without Adverts Between?

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