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Music_fan | 10:26 Wed 16th Jun 2021 | Music
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Hello everyone!
I'm writing to all of you today because I need some advices.
Before I start let me show you about my education.
I have studied piano during the primary and middle school. Age 7-15
When the high school time came I decided to drop out music school and went to a private college. Age 16-18.
I'm 19 now and actually I major law. (the first year of university)
I love law, I really do. It is a proffesion I think that suits me.
But my heart belongs to music. Cannot live without it. Not only I play piano but I sing also. I am addicted to opera and canto too I would love to learn that wonderful technique.
I have regreted so much that I left music. It's a big mistake.
I know that it is too late now and I can never continue piano at conservatory but my question is if still there is a chance to major at least opera without high school music.
I want really detailed advices also if there is anyone else who have experienced this. It would mean so much to me. I need a helping hand.
Thank you in advance!


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Have you explored the possibility of distance learning from a college or university?

Or, if you simply want to be involved in playing music, rather than a formal qualification, are there any amateur groups in your area looking for players or singers?

Plenty of people pursue and enjoy music as a hobby in tandem with their professional 'day job' - maybe this is a way forward for you, to enjoy the best of both worlds.
Are you able to take it up at your university, alongside law?

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