Is This A Hymn?

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Bert45 | 20:51 Sun 16th May 2021 | Music
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I found the following written in pencil by my mother over 60 years ago on a sheet from a cash book. There were no crossings out so I'm certain that she didn't compose it herself. Do you recognise it? If you don't, can you suggest where i might find it? The capitalisation is as she wrote it.

Out of our Baskets every day
Seeds of love we take
See how we drop them on the way
Life to brighter make
Fed by prayer they come to Birth
In the fields of Earth

Telling all great or small
What our love is worth
To the right To the Left
We'll sow our seeds of love

Sowing Sowing Day after day we will go
Forward backwards scattering seeds that will grow
We are Jesu's little band
Helping on His work so grand
Sowing joy seeds unto the waiting land


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Google search doesn’t recognise it. Maybe it was written by a friend of your mum.
If it's a hymn, it's an extremely rare one indeed. Even taking tiny snippets from your text, and then entering them into Google, finds no valid results. (Searching that way usually finds even the most obscure of hymns, even though there might be a few minor variations from the whole of the text that was started with).

Perhaps your mother jotted out a rough version on one piece of paper (complete with any crossings out or other amendments) and then copied the final result into the cash book that you've found? (When I'm writing poetry, I often start out with lots of bits of paper with rough notes on them before arriving at the final result, which I then write out or type into Word. I've just finished one poem that had bits of it written in various notepads over several years before I got it somewhere close to how I want it to be).
I don't think this, with three sections of different rhythms, would be used as a congregational hymn.
It could be a story from the bible. Why don't you ask the Ed if it can be moved to Religion and Spiritualty ?
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Thanks, all. I did, of course, google bits of the poem/hymn without success before I tried The Answerbank. I have viewed "All Categories" and there isn't one called Religion and Spirituality. I very much doubt if my mother could have composed it. I know of no other poems she might have written. She went to a Methodist church, but she wasn't a Bible-basher. On the other hand, why would she copy out a hymn or poem? She would have had the original to read whenever she wanted to, I would have thought.

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