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Theblip | 21:15 Tue 11th May 2021 | Music
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Is it time he retired?


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He is.

Although his current world tour has been hit by Covid, he has said it will be his last.

He may still do shows, maybe a Vegas residency, but his touring days are at an end.

Personally, as long as he still has the voice, and I think he does, there is no reason why he should dtop performing, although the strain of travellling around the world and being away from his family, is something he no longer needs or wants.
And I thought that this was a R.I.P. --- must go to Specsavers for a Deaf-aid.
if there are people who want to see him, and he waants to perform, no
Does Elton John still working have some sort of impact on your life?
I watched a concert of his a couple of years ago and he was superb. If anyone needs to retire from public performance it's Paul McCartney.
I read in the paper recently he said he was going to retire shortly. Elton not Paul. Paul should have gone years ago.
You leave my PAUL McCARTNEY alone! :)
Paul's voice has gone unfortunately. All that screaming will catch up with you eventually.
I'm afraid that tomus is correct... :-(
The Elton John/Billy Joel head to head concerts were great, but with a combined age approaching 150, I don't think we'll be seeing any more of them.
21.21 "as long as he still has the voice" ???.
they cant stop
look at sir Mick
my brother ( oops no he's the look alike) no Sir Mick goes on 'doing it'

his youngest daughter was born in 2016 - dirty boy! - I am not sure if Elton is up to that sort of thing

they cant stop performing - - on stage that is ! ( settle down settle down !)

and yes they dont need the moolah, the need the applause

I met Derek jacobi once and he didnt want to be told he was a bit part Lord Fawn in Forsyte Saga 1967, he wanna - you know "you were great in last years hit sir, " - the Jaffa cake advert or something
yeah these old boys go on yodelling until they sound like Min from the Goons/

no, but PMc should, his voice is gone.
was it the brits? i thought it was brill
> Is it time he retired?

No! I have tickets for Elton, it's been rescheduled once - I hope we both make it ...
I grew up listening to his music and had the pleasure of seeing him live on a tour some years back. He's an incredible performer and I'd happily go and see him again.

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