People You Wished You’d Gone To See ....And Didn’t

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Bobbisox1 | 22:07 Fri 30th Apr 2021 | Music
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We were offered free tickets to see Rod Stewart but it was peeing down that Sunday
People I was lucky to see
Tina Turner
Dire Straits
The Stones
The Beatles
Chris Rea
Andre Reui

Someone I want to see
George Ezra


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Queen. Wouldn't be the same without Freddie.
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They were pure magic Tiggs
Queen, The Eagles and ABBA.
I saw Queen as a support group, and as a headline band, average and beyond belief respectively.

I wish I had seen, at their height, T Rex, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Free, The Beatles, Johnny Winter, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Leonard Cohen, Django Reinhardt.

The list goes on ..
Had tickets to see Pavarotti but he took ill shortly before the due date and sadly he never recovered enough to reschedule the event.

Always wanted to see Leonard Cohen and Neil Young.

Seen so many acts, best ones probably

Barclay James Harvest
Fleetwood Mac
Slade (absolutely brilliant live)
Millie Jackson (rudest concert I've been to!!)
Van Morrison
I wanted to see Dire Straits at Portman Road in Ipswich, back in the early 90s but I was extremely hard up at the time and the twenty-odd quid ticket price was way out of my reach. I was driving into town that evening, along a route that would normally take me along Portman Road but I chose to go another way, so that I wouldn't get upset at seeing all the fans going into a concert I couldn't afford. The following day, I read in the local paper that, because they'd sold so few tickets for the gig, the promoters had staff out on Portman Road, offering tickets for just a fiver to anyone who'd go in. I was SO disappointed that I'd not gone down Portman Road that night :(

I would have loved to have seen Buena Vista Social Club performing at The Regent in Ipswich but, sadly, I didn't see the advert for their concert until the day after they'd performed :(

Similarly, I only spotted an ad for Jools Holland and his Big Band (whom I would loved to have seen), performing at The Regent, on the day after the gig :(

I discovered the music of Bellowhead late on and looked online to see if they were performing in this area. I found that they were on at the Ipswich Corn Exchange but that tickets had already sold out, as they also had at the Cambridge Corn Exchange (which were the only two venues around here). I also found out that it was their farewell tour ;-)

I don't seem to have much luck at all when it comes to attending concerts!
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It was an exciting time seeing the Beatles in 1963
When I was at polytechnic, there were loads of posters for a group called Q Tips.

I didn't bother.

Apparently they were absolutely brilliant, particularly their singer Paul Young.
Ah, college gigs, Hopkirk!

I remember chatting up a young lady, who was to become my girlfriend, as this was being performed live on stage ;-)

At our summer ball there was a marquee as well as the main stage.
I saw a couple of guys in the marquee who were absolutely brilliant. Chas and Dave were their names.
I'd like to have gone to a lot more concerts than I have but I'm a bit Enochlophobic. I have been to see Marvin at Wembley and of course I was there at Reg's NYE concert in 1985.
Frank Ifield. My father said he had tickets to the show, for my mother and myself. Then he didn’t.
Sinatra - we could have got same-day tickets at Times Square in 1992. I can’t recall why we didn’t: I think it was because we were meeting friends for a meal.
Had i stayed in the army just another few days, i would have been able to go and see Black Sabbath in Offenbach. s it is, once i'd paid the PVR money, i had no control over what date i flew back to England to be demobbed at Woolwich.
Did see quite a few bands, though; Queen x 2 (one free), Stones, Grateful Dead, Thin Lizzy, Home, Tangerine Dream, and many others.
INXS played in a local pub. I liked their music but I had never seen their name written and didn't realise who "inks" was.
Pink Floyd.. got offered free tickets for Berlin couldn’t make it (work commitment)

Black sabbath... again work

Sex pistols... would have liked to have seen them in their early days, but to young
not much into rock, pop type music, i did see some great acts but they were all soul artists. Like Prince, Al Green, James Brown, The Jackson Five, Stevie Wonder.

i would have liked to have seen Queen admittedly but with Freddie Mercury.
The Temptations and the Four tops i would also like to have seen
i went to see Pink Floyd with family, only concert i have ever walked out of, just too loud for me.
I did see Neil Young and Carole King, both excellent.
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I saw the Drifters too but I think the only originals were their front man Jonny Moore and Clive McPhatter, no Ben E King , they were still excellent though

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