Cast Your Fate To The Wind

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barry1010 | 09:06 Wed 28th Apr 2021 | Music
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My MP3 player has just played this - I'd forgotten about it and not heard it for years, never played on the radio but it was used a lot in Heartbeat.
The 'random' selection does throw up some nice surprises occasionally. I ripped the CD years ago and hope I still have it in the loft.

What is your favourite 'golden oldie' that isn't popular with the masses?


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Nine By Nine, John Dummer.
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I don't think I've heard that one before but I'm enjoying it - bits of it remind me of 'ain't she sweet, well see her walking down the street'.

Thank you :)
Gosh I remember this, haven't heard it for years, love it.
I liked "Midnight in Moscow " ,, Kenny Ball and his Jazz Men
Sorry I don't think that link will work for my answer
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I've always liked Kenny Ball and that is a fabulously uplifting tune - thanks for that, I never what it was called.

I'm sure that's been used in a lot of period tv dramas, too.
"Eye Level" by the Simon Park Orchestr , it was the theme music to Van de Valk
Mamyalynne , thanks for the link , I didn't think it was so long ago 1973
I know, time eh?
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I remember Eye Level and the Simon Park Orchestra on Top of the Pops. The 70s top 20 was certainly varied. Loved Van der Valk, hated the recent remake
Unfortunately most were killed in a plane crash years ago

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That's really sad, but a fabulous rendition. Thanks for sharing

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Cast Your Fate To The Wind

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