Which Song Has The Bass Line Of Atomic By Blondie

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Gastro | 13:21 Fri 09th Apr 2021 | Music
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The singer was on the voice


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I dont know as I dont watch the voice. If you mean it sounds like Union City Blue then I allways feel Dont Stop Beleivin by Journey is very similar in the riff
Can you find the clip/show on youtube or ITV player?
Back to Black by Amy Winehouse allso uses a bit of a sample or a copy of the riff
This cover by Beyonce shows it better

i'd imagine he doesnt mean union city blues, since he asked for a song with the atomic baseline!
Just trying to think outside the box, they were released pretty close together in 79/80 and that one has been used in other songs.

It would be funny now if it was Union City Blue he meant!!

Hopefully someone will post something constructive
I'll try to be constructive Tio .
Was it the UK version? Or US? Can you find the episode. Am sure I'd know the song if I hear it
On my Back to Black link you have to listen at around 1-30 for the Atomic riff
Good one zacs. I'd forgotten that similarity
Certainly the intro
Of course its Blondies Atomic using the riff of the Dean Parish song
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Don't think the band are together anymore, the lead singer was a contestant on the Voice. They originated from Dorset I think.
Thanks Gastro. I'm not sure how that effects anything and am not sure we'er any further forwards with this. Which countries The Voice was it (Uk, US , other..) and which year. A link to the episode would help??
The Wurzles?
This singer from Dorset used to be in The Protocols and appeared in the Voice in 2013.
We need to know when yous saw him on the Voice? This year? A link would help.
Question Author
Protocol, what's the pleasure 2006, thank you all.
Happy to help. Got there in the end. Its called Where's the Pleasure
My kind of music

I can see the Atomic similaraty
The video has been taken down since a posted it
Heres another

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Which Song Has The Bass Line Of Atomic By Blondie

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