This Is A Fabulous Song .,..

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andy-hughes | 23:58 Mon 15th Feb 2021 | Music
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... using Spacer by Sheila B Devotion as its basis but ...

can we find out what they were taking when they designed this video, and can I have some!!


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That was like The Muppets meet Eurovision reject.

Never mind ///can we find out what they were taking when they designed this video, and can I have some!!///-what are you taking?
So I won't wait up for BA to be awarded :D
The song has stood the test of time slightly better than the video has.
One of a number of good disco songs from that era
A later rendition from them.

I agree with choux. Very samey, boring kind of song - and the video looks cheap and unprofessional. Awful.
What else
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I think it's a great sample of a 70's floor filler, but I adore Europop so this is perfect for me.
What choux said
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What andy said.
Many of those characters seem to have sprung directly from Hieronymus Bosch's "Garden Of Earthly Delights".
If you want Kitsch Disco

Absolutely abhor 'disco' music. Leaves me stone cold.
Now I know why I stick with opera;-))
I thought the ghastly programme Dave subjected me to tonight was bad... til I saw this.
Yes good adaptation of sheila & b devotions song. Altho spacer was 1970s am not sure this is a 70s floor filler as it was from 2001?? Sophie Ellis Bextors helped it become more popular again in lockdown and that tv series about aids in the 80s.
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You are right Bob, I meant to say something about the feel of a 70's floorfiller, I played it often in my club dj days, but lost the plot - again!!
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As with everything Sophie Ellis-Bextor does, I hated her version because I don't like her voice or her intonation - pronouncing dance as dance for example.
This is clearly an example of why care should be taken when using cleaning chemicals in an unventilated space.
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Perishing text correction!!!

That's supposed to be 'daaaance'.

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This Is A Fabulous Song .,..

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