How Not To Interview A Megastar!

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andy-hughes | 20:26 Sun 24th Jan 2021 | Music
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This film is fascinating, because Jimmy Page is so erudite and charming and absolutely loved by the audience.

Jeff Koons on the other hand, is an utter embarassment!

His questions ramble and often don;t make sense, he mutters and sighs under his breath, and is clearly not listening clearly to what Jimmy is saying - at one point Jimmy says "If i could just tell that story ..." but Koonz is so inept as an interviwer, he sweeps on, and an interesting story is lost.

I am not saying interviewing is rocket science, but as someone who has done it for more than forty years, I do know the skills involved - and when I am seeing someone who clearly does not possess them.

The nadir is when Koons refers to an image projected on the screen at 49.57, and he refers to Jimmy 'tuning his guitar ...'.

Point one, if you look at the image, it is clearly NOT Jimmy Page, but a member of the road crew, complete with tour jacket.

Point two - when you reach the level that Led Zeppelin had - you don't tune your own guitars backstage, you have a a personal technician who does that for you.

Koons burbles on about Jimmy 'tuning his guitar' and Page, ever the gentleman, is too polite to correct him.

the interview is great - if you can ignore Koons' rambling and sighing and lack of interest.

Any fans out there?


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China Jan at 22.21 - it doesn't appear from the interview - Koons appears just to have thought about art work for a cover, and simply offers to submit ideas, it's obviously the first Page has heard of it, but he is polite, and agrees, as you would expect.

The interview appears to be plugging a book of photos about Page, images of which are shown on a large screen, giving Koons ample opportunity not to know the difference between Page and his guitar tech.!!!
Well andrew.
I've just watched all of the interview. I cant say that jeff koons didnt do a bad job imho.
As roy said possibly the best jimmy page interview ive ever seen.
Jimmy was so natural and relaxed. I'll enjoy watching it again.
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Piggy - you will find Roy is being snarky because I originated the thread and he likes to amuse himself.

As I suspected, Mr Koons' glaring failures as an interviewer leap out at me more than most because I am an interviewer myself and seeing it done badly irks me.

But I agree, Jimmy is wonderful and overcomes his obvious shyness to shine like the star he is.

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How Not To Interview A Megastar!

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