Fisherman's Friends "Keep Me In Your Heart" Lyrics

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xvbn | 13:22 Mon 18th Jan 2021 | Music
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Thanks for your reply. I can't find this film on Netflix and I have no idea what closed captioning is or how to access it.( Old technophobe). Any help would be appreciated.


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It's better to add to your original query, rather than start a new thread. It's less confusing.
xvbn's last question won't show in LP, it's too old.
Thanks, Mamya. I thought the 'Thanks for your reply' was referring to something recent!
Mamyalynne has answered your question but here's how to access captioning in a YouTube video (which might help you find other lyrics in the future).

First, obviously, go to the relevant YouTube page. (With the video below, click on the TITLE, at the top, and NOT on the 'Play' button to do that).

Then place your cursor over the video as it plays. You'll see a set of icons across the bottom of the video. As you move your cursor across the line of icons, you'll see information about what each one does.

You're hoping that there will be one which says 'Subtitles/Closed Captions'. (The option isn't there with all YouTube video but it is with the one I've linked to). Simply click on it and the lyrics to the song will appear as subtitles. (They're computer-generated, so there might be the occasional error but generally they're surprisingly accurate).

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Fisherman's Friends "Keep Me In Your Heart" Lyrics

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