Atom Heart Mother - The Words

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andy-hughes | 23:12 Sat 02nd Jan 2021 | Music
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This is one of my favourite pieces, but despite considerable research on the internet, I can't find any reference to the chanting by the choir throughout the piece.

It sounds like gibberish, but even so, someone must have given them the words and rehearsed them before recording, but there is no reference to who wrote the words, or if they mean anything.

Any ideas anyone?


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I'm watching this with interest. Sounds to me like red Indians chanting. Nice.
Well the Wikipedia entry states ‘wordless vocals’
My guess would be that John Alldis was behind the choral element of the suite:
"Geesin’s replacement was conductor John Alldis, a respected choral scholar. The contrary session musicians quickly fell in line, while Alldis’ choir contributed the track’s haunted-sounding, wordless vocals."

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Atom Heart Mother - The Words

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