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MattA777 | 05:47 Sun 13th Dec 2020 | Music
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Anyone here have good musical knowledge and familiarity with tabs...?
I have a young nephew who has been and continues to attend paid lessons.
My issue with that is that despite spending over a years worth of tuition, the boy knows nothing of ‘note names’ on the guitar fretboard.
What do you think....?


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I think it's up to him and his parents if they are happy with that. Personally, I would find him a music teacher to show him how to read music, if he is interested enough. But, you can only suggest it and see what they think. It would help him.
18:41 Sun 13th Dec 2020
I rarely strum, bit like playing a piano by banging your forearms on the keyboard.
My style evolved by closely watching Ralph McTell and others.

I use a thumb pick for the bottom three strings, and a finger for each of the top three. The only finger I don't use is the little finger on my right hand. As you get better you can use different fingers for the top three strings.

The thumb is most important for keeping a base rhythm going.

I enjoy my guitar, you feel it rather than concentrating on the mechanics of the music.
This is inspirational, worth a watch for any budding guitarist.

Another one to inspire.

xmas has me cutting my left hand nails for carol soirees but right hand long nails are better than a pick.

I advise gut strings for kids & learners - till finger tips calous up.
One of the best ways to learn the guitar is to get a good one, low action, curved fretboard, light gauge strings.

I have a Yahama FG180 about 50 years old, great guitar, almost plays itself.
Hi Tambo, yes I have long nails on my picking hand. I use a thumb pick , used to use my thumb nail but the angle seemed wrong.
My left hand finger tips are like concrete, lol. Very sore years ago but they do harden up.
All right, I know, seen it all before, but. This is a great starter.

I don't strum much either. I tried using picks but couldn't get on with them. So I just finger pick without them. I like the feel of the guitar strings.

My favourite is my Yamaha acoustic 12 string. Years ago I had the octave strings reversed to give a deeper tone. Byrds/Roger McGuinn was a big influence and I heard that's how he got his sound.

My other go-to is my Eko Ranger 6.
To return to the OP, I think you could become a "competent" guitarist, with tabs and YouTube... but, if he wants to be a good or great one, or ever try a different instrument... he is always going to be better off understanding it. Not necessarily the theory, but at least the basics of actual music.
Thanx Sparkly I like that.

I find the advantage of the guitar against the piano is playing sevenths & nineth chords.
My other go-to is my Eko Ranger 6.

Wow , my first guitar. £37 from Mameloks in Manchester.

Bit heavy but a great guitar. I did have a 12 string Echo Ranger, could never quite get the hang of it. Bit tricky for finger picking. It was suggested to put the octave strings the other way round,lol.
Bottom line, a great hobby and keeps arthritis at bay.
Eko Ranger Six. Big block of wood inside. Very strong, you could use it to hammer fence posts in.
Gotchya sparkly I remember Streets played by an aber - is it you.
"Bottom line, a great hobby and keeps arthritis at bay."

Yes it is - I used to feel that it was my version of Yoga. Get home from work and spend an hour or two practising - great way to wind down from the day.
Avatar Image tamborineGotchya sparkly I remember Streets played by an aber - is it you.14:21 Mon 14th Dec 202

Certainly is, lol.
Good to know ur well sparkly & best wishes to her indoors

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