What Is The Classical Music Used On The Latest Advert Please?

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shivvy | 11:25 Tue 22nd Sep 2020 | Music
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The advert is called Passers By and shows people doing the dance to try not to bump into each other when passing on the street.
I recognise the music as it is also used on the Jeremy Vine Radio 2 programme to introduce the What Makes Us Human section.
I have tried using Shazam on the TV ad, but it isn't working because I think there is too much talking over the to of it.
If anyone knows what the music is I would love to know.


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Is it this? I do recognise it but am hopeless and knowing titles of some classical pieces.Someone will know.

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Yup, thats the one Barsel.
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Ah great, thank you.
How did you find it?
It was just in the back of my mind it was a piece for violins, so I just went on YouTube and put in Nigel Kennedy and remembered it was from The Four Seasons. :-)
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Excellent detective work Barsel!
Thank you - very much appreciated.
You're very welcome.

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What Is The Classical Music Used On The Latest Advert Please?

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