Is There A Band Or Singer You Really Liked

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Bigbad | 20:02 Sat 19th Sep 2020 | Music
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But only up to a certain point?
fiction-factory’s thread below about Queen got me thinking about this.
I like all their albums up to and including Night At The Opera, but none of them after that.
Only yesterday I put Kacey Musgraves first 2 albums on a memory stick for my DIL, and told her there is a third, but I deleted it because I don’t like it, no matter how hard I try.
When she releases another album, I wont be bothering with it.


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Quite right Douglas, thank you. Slap on wrist for me.
I got as far as Rattle and Hum
Captain, the song Hurricane, is Dylan's single best song in my view. Douglas is right though, the album is called Desire, Hurricane is just the lead track.
I'm with Roy on U2. Rattle And Hum had some good tracks on it. U2 peaked with War in my view.
Radiohead in their early years. Loved them and then they went over the top.

The Beatles early years and then totally went off them.

Adelle, loved her and now am totally bored with her.

And I can't believe I even liked Celine Dionne. Oh dear.
REM, after reckoning they became too mainsteam.
The Byrds first five albums. When Sweetheart of the Rodeo came out I didn't bother listening to it or subsequent releases hardly at all.
Also Love up to and including Forever Changes.
Sabbath - until they sacked Ozzy
Genesis - until Phil 'I really don't want to be lead singer' Collins took over
Ken, agree entirely. Gabriel eroa prog rock Genesis were fantastic. Collins pop Genesis were on the whole, awful.
Theland - agree with you 100% about Crosby and that album and track.
Kate Bush
Johnny Cash - Hurt and Solitary man are classics
I’ve never been much of a follower of artists - a good song is a good song regardless of who recorded it. since you mentioned Kacey Musgraves - country music usually leaves me cold, but there’s just one song on her 4th album. I wondered if I’d find similar in some of her other stuff but I find it quite inaccessible.
Leonard Cohen,but luckily for me he never did a bad album,also Nick Cave is still brilliant but did not go for his grinderman albums,my favourite band now is the Tiger Lillies but like Cohen they have not recorded a bad album.
Coldplay. The last 2 albums are pants.
It's the law of diminishing returns that the more art an artist creates, the bigger the chances are that you are not going to like something they do.

The nature of art is that no artist can ever consistently create their best work over and over again, it has to have peaks a troughs because that is how the creative process works.

You may be willing to give your favourite band or musician a swerve if they put out a track, or even an album, or more, that you don't like, but the best way in my view is to try everything they do, enjoy what you like, ignore what you don't like and see what comes next.

On that basis Bigbad, I'd be willing to check out Ms Musgraves' next waxing, it may be to your taste. It may not, but isn't finding out, the pleasure of enjoying music - rather than assuming that she will never again record a song that you like because you didn't like the last collection.

That could be cutting off a chance to enjoy endless more great music she offers you, and that would be a shame.

The Nutty Boys (Madness)
I do like a bit of a *** ;-)
"Collins pop Genesis were on the whole, awful."

Really? You don't like "A Trick of the Tail" or "Wind and Wuthering"? Or "Seconds Out", which really should have been a triple album.
Van Morrison, the pinnacle of hype in the opinion of this reporter.

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