What Song Is Your 'Song '

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Bobbisox1 | 20:34 Sat 15th Aug 2020 | Music
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Everybody has one, be it meeting that special someone, marrying them , divorcing them, anything ?


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We had two.

Happy Together - The Turtles

Baby I'm-a Want You - Bread
I have a handful from previous relationships that I tend to keep to myself (in that I don't tell my husband) but our song is 'At Last' by Etta James, it was our wedding song.
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Omg Mamya, that was mine with my first husband , the turtles one
I'm gonna find myself a girl by Gene Pitney. Way back in 1964 Mr BD told me he'd found his. Aaaw
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Prudie that sends shivers down my spine

Depends on the 'your' doesn't it? In the 1960's, when husband No.1 and I were courting (married 30 yrs., don't get the wrong idea) it was Sonny & Cher 'I got you, babe'. Current Mr. J2 - I don't really have one, we met when singing in a choir in France, so all that year's repertoire means something really. Recently we have worked very hard together on Elgar's 'Ave Verum' so I suppose that has a special place. :)

"Oh Lord it's so hard to be humble" .................. Mac Davies.
China in your Hand by TPau is very much "our" song.
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Ours is Lady in Red
We're big fans of Crowded House.
Really, Barmaid? That's interesting, since it's based on Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein".
I actually don't have a my song or an our song
Got a few of my own....but this is "our A30 song" when we are off to Cornwall.

Ours is, Blaydon races.
We don't have one. Oh dear. Married 48 years and no special song. Neither of us is particularly romantic. But I will choose Yellow River because it reminds us both of great friends and wild times in the early 70s.
I was thinking of having At Last by Etta James played at my funeral . Will need to think about that.
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Bodeker my husband wants Floyd singing Comfortably Numb at his :0/

1967, a very special summer.
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Arh the summer of love Paddy, I remember it well
My Dad died when I was in my early teens, and I find it difficult to remember him (house fire many many years ago means there's no photos), but I always remember him listing to Strangers in the Night by Billy Eckstine and Sarah Vaughan, which is an awesome song, so even now I'm 50 I'll occasionally listen to this just to evoke some memories.

So I'd say this is mine and my Dad's song.

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What Song Is Your 'Song '

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