What Is Easier? Composing Music Or Remixing Music?

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Lombax | 21:07 Wed 15th Jul 2020 | Music
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Is it easier to create your own music, or to remix an existing soundtrack?


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It depends.

If you are like Elton John, you receive a sheet of lyrics, sit down at the piano, read a couple of lines, and start playing. To him it is as easy as that.

As a general rule though remixing has to be easier, you have set parameters to work to, and you can experiment in terms of what sort of re-mix you want.

Composition is done by composers and it's an art, re-mixing is done by engineers and its a science.

Hope that helps.
Never mixed, but I imagine that creation, which requires inspiration, was pure talent and so difficult, whereas mixing you can just mix & match and play about with stuff someone rlse has supplied until you find a pastiche you wish to stop at. I think this is supported by the fact that it's rare to find any mix that pleases, whereas most original stuff needs to be at least adequate.
// It depends. If you are like Elton John,//

I am not like Elton John - BUT there is quite a good prog out there on the internet somewhere where Neil Sedaka does a master class on writing a whopping gt hit
( which he started off with Oh Carol - 1962 and his first royalty cheque was $3000)
Would be interesting to browse if you find the URL.

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What Is Easier? Composing Music Or Remixing Music?

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