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Deskdiary | 15:46 Sun 21st Jun 2020 | Music
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I've just finished watching Amy, a fantastic documentary.

Amy Winehouse hit my music bone square on.

For me she was the most talented musical person in my lifetime - I loved her to bits, so was absolutely gutted when she died.

Without question she had enormous demons, but it's clear to me that Blake Fielder was the foil that lead to her death - he was a total ahole. Complete scumbag.

Where would she be now if she hadn't met this piece of detritus?


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Given the penchant in Hollywood for musician biopics over the last few years (Walk the Line, The Runaways, Rocket Man, Bohemian Rhapsody, Straight Outta Compton...), I'd be surprised if nobody's planning an Amy Winehouse movie soon.
Undoubtedly a rare talent but the drugs won
but who would play her Mozz (and do the role real justice)?
I loved her too. Her father also was a bit of an AH making her do that last tour.
// Her father also was a bit of an AH making her do that last tour.//

Agree Samuraisan...I also feel that he also had a part in the "problems" that consumed Amy.
He tried to ride the gravy train on her name after her death Sam
Just look at her here healthy, and listen to the vocal depth. She would have knocked Grace Slick and Janice Joplin into a cocked hat.

I have no idea, but there are lots of great British talent out there Mushy. It's amazing what they can do with great make-up and a decent syrup. (Noomi Rapace has the right kind of face, but she's too old to play Amy npw)

That voice would probably have to be dubbed though.

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Togo at 4.26pm - I couldn’t agree more; I often YouTube her and every single time I get a lump in my throat. The purity and originality of her voice and music was simply beautiful.

The only silver lining I can find is that she’s left a fantastic legacy of music.
Another treat. Billy Holiday who? Bit of naughty language(just a bit) so beware snowflakes.

Amy and Freddy Mercury are two of the most wonderful voices we’ve lost.
I’m not really that into music but those two, for me, were a great loss.
I always think of George Michael talking about her, and saying that Love Is A Losing Game was one of the best songs he'd ever heard, not least for the way she delivered it.

Since Mr Michael was no slouch at jerking heartstrings with a song and the way it was delivered -

His opinion is worth heeding.

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