Can You Identify These Two 1960S Bbc Radio Themes?

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David H | 23:47 Tue 17th Mar 2020 | Music
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I have recorded two tunes from what was probably the Light Programme in the 60s. We listened to the second one for years every week. I have recorded them both here.


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First originally from the Nutcracker I think, can't place the second.
Is the second one the theme tune from "Music Box"? - it was played on an occarina.
Yes I agree second is *Music Box" BBC Light Programme late 50s to Early 60s. Introduced by Tim Dudgin.
Tim Gudgin. From Wikipedia.

Gudgin began working on Grandstand in 1965, initially announcing the rugby and racing results, but then succeeded Len Martin as the broadcaster of the football results after Martin's death in 1995. Gudgin was only the second person to perform the role regularly from the inception of Grandstand in 1958. After Grandstand ended in 2007, he continued to read the results on Final Score.

Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker described Gudgin as "one of the most familiar voices in sport" and "a quintessential part of Saturday afternoons in this country".

Other work
Gudgin's voice was heard on the BBC Radio 4 quiz Quote... Unquote, Housewives' Choice, Top of the Form and Friday Night is Music Night. Interviewed in November 2011, Gudgin said, "I did an in-vision commercial for Square Deal Surf which bought me the first house I ever had without a mortgage, so that was well worth it."
Is the second one The Navy Lark ?
The Navy Park
Question Author
I haven't found a theme online for Music Box but it fits my description and began the year I was born. The other tune was also on regularly at the time so should be picked up sooner or later.
Music Box - more info and theme tune here
Question Author
Thanks Jonathan-Joe, and I can now say that's not the same tune either. Mine was played mainly on violins.

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Can You Identify These Two 1960S Bbc Radio Themes?

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