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...and just when you think you're uncharacteristically fancying a blonde you see this:

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And here's the non-blonde version of their most successful song:

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Question Author
So do I!
Harmless ;o)

Definitely listenable, but I do find this kind of generic modern country a tad bland.
Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Brad Paisley etc etc etc

Sounds better at three o'clock in the morning though, V_E
How many songs are called "Run to You"?
Whitney Houston has one too but I prefer Bryan Adams.

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//Sounds better at three o'clock in the morning though, V_E//

It was either that or watch Poldark, Builder.
I now see why you failed to see any "Obvious" musical potential in the clip i published a couple of threads back V_E... It's because you like country music of course!! Of course you won't be able to find musical potential else where!

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