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Cmitchell | 12:21 Wed 31st Jul 2019 | Music
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Hi Folks,

Planning Mum's funeral, Not sure on the one hymn to choose. Mother in law suggests "All things bright and Beautiful" or "Lord of all hopefulness". What do you suggest guys, mum was into Gardening, identifying (& feeding) wild birds, foreign holidays, and loved dogs. Mum lost dad many, many years ago but didn't met anyone new. All help much appreciated.

Thanks in advance Mitchell.


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Purely personal thought here, Mitchell, but, does it really have to be a hymn?
How about this...
It's an ABBA song. I think the words are beautiful, in a very simple way.

i'm sorry for your loss ,did your mum have a favourite hymn or song x
I'd go for mother-in-law's choice of "All Creatures" - it fits the bill nicely.
At the funerals of each of his parents, after the normal formalities and tributes were done 'Give me sunshine' was played. His parents were lovely happy people and this just seemed so appropriate. The best part was that after the sadness and saying goodbye we all left feeling quite uplifted and with big smiles on our faces. Everyone loved that as the final send off...and his mum (who was the last to die) would have loved it too.
All things bright and beautiful ....lovely song

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Funeral - One Hymn

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