Backstreet Boys n N'Sync

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airbolt | 00:08 Wed 16th Nov 2005 | Music
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Just a whimsical question!

If the Backstreet Boys got into a Fight with N'Sync who would win?

Assume a full strength N'Sync including Justin Timberlake!


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hopefully a draw with them all in a bloody mess on the floor !
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Fair point Mattk :)

I'm sure if Joey Fatone lands on you , you're staying down!

Great question! Mattk probably (hopefully) has the right answer, but otherwise 'NSync to win, Backstreet Boys are far too sappy.

N"Sync were in front; but the Backstreet boys have just nudged into the lead because they are making a comeback attempt at the right time for the christmas market. "New kids on the block" are kicking themselves.

If I could I would put my money on the "Osmonds" to win.

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Backstreet Boys n N'Sync

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