Anyone Tell Me The True Title Of This Old Song

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Pudcat | 18:56 Mon 17th Jun 2019 | Music
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In an old Australian homestead neath a blue australian sky a girl Received a letter from a far and distant shore, with her mothers arms around her she slowly read the letter and the tears ran from her eyes...,.


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Here you go, Pudcat.
19:00 Mon 17th Jun 2019
Sounds like it could be a WW1 song. I don't know it though.
suvla bay ww2 version is very close to your lyrics ther is also a ww1 version but can't find it yet
Syuvla Bay was one of the landing points in the Gallipoli campaign, so it's be WW1 in origin.

Many died thanks to the bungling by commanders, so wives and mothers may well have felt their husbands' and sons' sacrifices were in vain. None the less, there weren't many Aussies there.

"On 15 August, after a week of indecision and inactivity, the British commander at Suvla, Lieutenant-General Sir Frederick Stopford was dismissed. His performance in command is often considered one of the most incompetent feats of generalship of the First World War."

"A song "Suvla Bay," which is believed to have been written during World War I but first copyrighted and published in 1944, has been recorded by many artists. It tells the story of an Australian girl who receives the news that her sweetheart or husband has been killed at Suvla. However, in a recurring line the song implies that he was killed in April, four months before the Suvla landing. He might have been killed at some point after the April landing at Anzac, but not at Suvla; there was no one there who had "played their part" in April. "
That song sounds like The Fields of Athenry.
Here's the same song, sort of, but from the point of an ANZAC squaddie:

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Anyone Tell Me The True Title Of This Old Song

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