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Chipchopper | 10:18 Wed 13th Mar 2019 | Music
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Happy 80th Birthday today.
He sung and wrote some wonderful songs which evoked high emotion.

Among my favs was 'Laughter in the rain. plus many more!


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Great talent, my favourite Oh Carol
I haven't listened to much of his music. Oh Carol is probably the only one I really know.
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I've heard it said that Oh Carol was written about Carol King.
Yes, Chipchopper. They dated for a while.
"Oh Neil" was written in response to "Oh, Carol".
For some reason I love this song.

have seen him live several times..what a talent !! not much of a performer, but to sit for a few hours listening to him play piano and sing his eclectic collection was sublime...
'Laughter in the Rain' was played a few moments ago on R2!
I saw Neil Sedaka at the Royal Albert Hall a few years ago. Absolutely brilliant! An extraordinarily talented man and a superb performer. Age certainly does not weary him!

Apparently mornings find his grandchildren treated to renditions of “Waking up is hard to do”. Lucky kids!
Naomi,yes lucky!

A good performer eh? I hope he doesn't sing 'Oh Carol' at the crucial moment with wife Leba! ;-)
Always loved his records, a fantastic talent - Happy Birthday, Neil! :-)
Yes, and dont forget "Calendar Girl","Little Devil" and Happy birthday Sweet Sixteen"
Very talented man. In his early days he was an excellent classical musician, and at the age of 8 he won a piano scholarship to the prestigious Juilliard School of Music in New York. He was one of the resident composers in the famous Brill Building when he was only thirteen.
One of my favourite American singer/songwriters...and he hates the way we Brits say his name...."it's not Se-darker, it's Sed-akka".
Happy Birthday Neil. Ken Bruce just played The Hungry Years, what a great song I'd forgotten just how good it is. Sorry I can't do music links.

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