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SimonOfBromham | 17:26 Fri 11th Jan 2019 | Music
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In the 90s I had a CD with an orange cover by a band whose name possibly began with an S...all I can remember about it is that it was electronica and one of the tracks had lots of industrial type noise before a vocoded voice said Spank Me. Anyone got any ideas what the hell this might have been? Its been bugging me for years now


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Anything here look familiar?

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Thanks for that link - I'd also looked at that earlier today to no avail. There were no lyrics in the track, possibly at all on the album, that was the only phrase I can remember
I'll keep thinking.
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No, nothing like that spathiphyllum; much more techno, no guitars, thanks.
Interesting. I'll get back to you in a couple of weeks ;)

Without many more lyrics it will be hard to find the album!

90's techno Orange album art

90's non vocal groups

90's orange album techno

May be the kind of internet searchs that could help you
I mean.. i'm pretty sure this isn't it.. but it may be :P German DJ from the correct era

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PS to my question - I think the CD was in card sleeve rather than yer usual plastic jewel case
If that is the case then it may not be that 'known' (alternatively it may be very know)

Some djs/ mixers make use to and still do make limited CDs in card sleeves as these were a lot cheaper.

I always really wish i could help find the track.. When i'm on the other side of this it bugs me when i can't find it.. then you'll forget about it and a week later you'll want it again :') If i come across anything, i'll update the thread.
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Thanks for all your help - I'm sure it'll turn up eventually. I don't think it was mega-obscure; I would either have read a review of it in NME which I read religiously back then, and/or just picked it up in Fopp when buying some other stuff
i know a song with ' hit me with your rhythm stick '
Will scroll NME

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