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o god is she singing beside an outside bog?
Well thank god for that, I thought it was going to be the Spice Girls.
Question Author
^ :)
I thought the same, but i'm happy now because it wasn't and there were Wolfhounds in the video :) x
Back? They've never been away!!

The brothers have recorded and toured consistently since the 1980's.
Got to love The Proclaimers!
Great Dens .!!
Fabulous, both song and video - King of his Castle then home for tea.
They should have stuck to their guns and walked the 500 miles .. and stayed there for all eternity !
What's your beef with them, 237?
Question Author
Beef? Not sure what you mean
Still as good as ever
I mean why do you dislike them so much that you decide to post their video.
Question Author
Because - it's a talking point
Part of BRITISH CULTURE! What's not to love? No tea towels on their heads!
Good grief!
Have you had to walk 500 miles?

Been cajoled into walking 500 more??

You could be entitled to compensation!

Call the Pro-claimers now on 0800 555666

I’ll get me coat.....
Can I ride my bike?
Yes , as far away as possible please.
On my way!

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Oh God, They Are Back

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