Why Does Everyone Say Emo Music Sucks?

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RainbowRafiki | 21:58 Tue 06th Nov 2018 | Music
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I was on the bus and someone said emo music sucked. Everyone but me and my friend agreed with him. They avoided us the rest of the day.


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It can't be 'everyone' or there would be no fans and no bands.

Like what you like, dare to be different. :-)
Great little story.
But how could they avoid you on a bus?
Question Author
They avoided me at school. It was awesome because they usually try to annoy me! Are you related to Mikayla Talbot?
Are you related to either Bungle ( from Rainbow) or Rafiki (from The Lion King)? I like you ;-)
What’s emo music?
Question Author
No, I'm not related. My friends bestowed the nickname Rainbow on me after I was the rainbow in the Noah's Ark play at this camp I went to. They only use it to make me mad. I don't know why they gave me Rafiki.
Music to slash your wrists to when you're an over-dramatic eyelinered tween Bill x
Do you know BigBecky by any chance?
I know nothing of this type of music. I wouldn't say 'it sucks' as I don't know if it does.
If you like it dont listen to people who say it's no good. Listen to more of it.
Question Author
Emo music is sad music. You should listen to "Broken" by Lund.
Here we go, for your delectation x

I don't think I should. Have you ever listened to Leonard Cohen?
Yeah Sandy, Leonard was like 'Hold my beer amateurs..' ;-)
I like melancholic singing delivered with a gravelly voice.
Cohen is the original Emo, sandy.

Big Becky Bainbrig?

Never heard of him.
Then I was an EMO fan and didn't know it.
This Emo; is he one of Sesame Street muppets ?
Yeah, he released a record once didn't he OG, 'St Emo's Fire'?
Question Author
I listened to the nightmare version.

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Why Does Everyone Say Emo Music Sucks?

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