Using Shazam In Vietnam

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SurreyGuy | 16:12 Sun 05th Aug 2018 | Music
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I’m out here on holiday and the bars are playing some great music.

However, when I ask Shazam to “listen”, it continually comes back with “No result”.

I managed to ask a local guy about a couple of songs, but I’ve missed out on lots of others because (even when I use Google Translate) “What is this song and who sings it please?” Get me nowhere.


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Probably cover versions.
Question Author
Possibly. I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks.
Where are you?
I'm fairly sure Shazam requires an internet connection to work; so I'm assuming you've got some kind of connection, albeit your mobile internet or WiFi??
Background noise will be an issue as well. If you're trying to use Shazam in a bar, you're bound to get background noise of some kind, which could possibly interfere with the acoustic fingerprint, or even prevent an acoustic fingerprint being taken.
I tried Shazam once IIRC. Sang beautifully to it, but it didn't recognise the song. :-(
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Zacs-Master........ I’m in Hue, Vietnam, but I had the same problem in Hanoi and will, no doubt, have the same problem in Ho Chi Minh City.
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I know I need internet connection (and yes, I have been connected). Trust me, the music has been loud enough to negate any background noise!

Not missing Guildford, then, SurreyGuy?
ask the dj or look at the jukebox, or manager of bar for the days playlist
Question Author
vetuste_ennemi - nope :o)

fender62 - tried that, but just got looked at strangely, even when I used Google Translate.
old pen and paper, write down the lyrics, the chorus would be a dead give away...mostly
Question Author
fender62 - if the songs were in English, I’d have done that!
Question Author
fender62 - AB didn’t upload the smiley face emoticon that I put at the end of my response to you, please don’t think I was being “off” :o)
Did you enjoy Vietnam, SG?
you never know might be on this chart
However good Shazam is at matching songs with those in its database, it's obviously not going to work if the song you're looking for isn't in that database to start with.

Shazam's database is created through people (who're frequently representing artists or record labels) submitting tracks to the site. If nobody submits a certain track then it won't be in the database, meaning that users of the app won't be able to identify it.

Although Shazam announced back in 2008 that they were extending their database to incorporate Asian music, it might well be that only a minority of Vietnamese tracks ever get uploaded to the site (particularly if the app isn't as popular there as it is here).
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Thanks for that info Buenchico.
Question Author
Yes Zacs-Master, I did enjoy Vietnam. It was a wonderful place!
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Thanks fender62. I'll have a look/listen later.

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Using Shazam In Vietnam

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