A B B A Collaboration Announced:

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Jomlett | 15:52 Wed 26th Oct 2016 | Music
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Are they doing it for the money, money, money?


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Thats the name of the game innit?
15:58 Wed 26th Oct 2016

Thats the name of the game innit?
Think they're doing it at Waterloo...
Oh dear
Well, that's the ♪ Name of the Game ♪
super-douper. I'm head over heels.
I never realised at the time (I was too focused on ska, punk, rock and northern soul) but they were fantastic. This is wonderful in my opinion.
Do I think this is great news? I do I do I do I do........
So it's not just One of Us then. Knowing me, knowing you, we'll both be trying to see this. A chance to say thank you for the music
Does you mother know about it?
Finally! was always on the cards that one day it would was only Benny and Agnetha, who were reluctant to get back together.....will be interesting to see what they come up with, but one thing's for sure.....whatever it is, it'll be a huge success.

Always liked ABBA.....pop music at it's best. :-)
Mamma mia! Here we go again...

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A B B A Collaboration Announced:

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