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kelsolane | 20:40 Fri 06th Nov 2015 | Music
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Hi ian trying to find out what the music is called in an episode of the above it is called the parsons pleasure and is at the beginning when the vicar is planning his route through the village sounds Irish maybe thanks you can find it on YouTube.


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Is this the episode, kelsolane ?.
Lead Us, Heavenly Father
By James Edmeston
Performed by John Gielgud

I loved that series. Such a brilliant story teller, Roald Dahl.
Here are the answers on your earlier thread.
Is the relevant music the bit after about 3 minutes on tonyav's link- sounds a bit like Mike Oldfield's In Dulce Jubilo
Don't know when that was first broadcast, but I remembered it from the intro.

A great episode. Love the disclaimer over the end credits as well :-)
1980, Gromit.
Question Author
Yes it's the music 3 minutes in can't find it anywhere
Could be incidental music just for that episode.
I980's? No, surely it was the 1960's.
Question Author
Yes tonyav that's the one
I was sure I used to watch these as a teenager. How wrong can I be? Doh.
I can remember them from much further back than 1980 to, Yilly.
So, what's occuring, Yont?

I definitely remember watching Tales of the Unexpected on Saturday evenings when my Mum and Dad were out at the pub and I was in the house alone.

How weird!.

The one that was in the late 60s was called Tales of Mystery and Imagination I think. My mother loved it, really scary stories.
Nope started 1979 apparently.

Maybe we are thinking of another tv series, that old American one that was mainly in Black and White.
Prudie, that's it. Thank you so much! I thought I was going mad.

BA to Prudie, please, Kelsolane.
Yep, thats the one Prudie.
I remember watching a couple with my mum, scared the bewhotsits outta me.

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