Name That Tune...please..!

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Rich_31 | 22:18 Wed 20th May 2015 | Music
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Hi Answerbankers!

Can any of you name the song in this vid please? It is on a facebook page so you may need to log in to see it.

I have tried to shazam it but it didn't want to know - maybe my shazam/mic settings were out, I'm not sure.

Anyway, thanks very much in advance for any help!


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Well done PankySmooch: Vengaboys - Parada de Tettas
23:05 Wed 20th May 2015
I doubt if I can help anyway - but I can't make the link work, which doesn't help a lot1 ;0)
I can make it work but don't recognise it. Obviously it's some kind of club euphoric dance type thing.
Parade de tettas by The Vengaboys
Well done PankySmooch:

Vengaboys - Parada de Tettas
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Brilliant! Awesome work all, thanks very much for your help, particularly PankySmooch and Ellipsis!

Til next time,


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Name That Tune...please..!

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