Name Of Jacamo Advert Song & Artist

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in a mo | 21:00 Sat 21st Mar 2015 | Music
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Any idea what the name of the song and the artist which features in the new Jacamo advertisement, I think it is an online fashion chain maybe larger sizes though that part is not for certain


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Does this sound familiar, in a mo.
I put the same piece of music in for Proofraider the other day
Ah the same question asked by someone else then, Stephen.
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Stephen_G I see you mentioned Proofraider ,What is that ,I did put it in Google but still not sure what it is ,thank you .
In A Mo
Proofraider is a member of the site - that's her thread that I posted a link to.

I was just trying to confirm that tonyav had given you the correct answer.
Question Author
Stephen_G Message received and understood thank you

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Name Of Jacamo Advert Song & Artist

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