Live 8 Mariah Carey

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Blinky | 18:38 Mon 04th Jul 2005 | Music
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What did she do exactly?? Everyone seems to be taking peed off regarding her behavior and i missed it! I assue it was diva-ish! Please enlighten - :0)


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First of all she (very unprofessionaly IMHO) asked for a mike stand while on stage, after admitting she had previously told her road crew she didn't need one. They got the last laugh tho' they couldn't seem to find one ;-)  She then got her own personal water bearer to bring her some water (holy no doubt but peed in, if I had anything to do with it).

Also, at the finale, when everyone went back on stage to sing "Hey Jude", there ended up with a big crowd on either side of the stage, sharing a few microphones and Mariah Carey in the middle at the front, with a mic to herself, surrounded by an African children's choir - a great photo opportunity.

With regards to the water, all the other acts managed to bring their own bottles onto the stage, and open them themselves. Instead our Mariah needed a flunky to bring her bottle on, complete with straw. Stuck out like a sore thumb!!

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Damn, well annoyed i missed that, sounded hilarious!! At least she didn't demand kittens and puppies to stroke this time! Although i wouldn't have put it past her!

Cheers guys....... :0) 

A propos of nothing, as Sheryl Crow would say, I can see now why La Carey has her legs airbrushed in album cover photos. Last time I saw thighs like that, their owner was playing prop forward for Harlequins.
ive never understood her popularity and ive got no time for so called "diva's".

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Live 8 Mariah Carey

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