KLF-what does it stand for?

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LizzieJ | 23:17 Thu 19th May 2005 | Music
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Hi re KLF early 90's group did mental tunes, what did KLF initials actually stand for??


Thank you


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Kopyright Liberation Front
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Thanks Alan, yet another "annoying niggle" solved!! cheers! ;-)
Or Kings of the Low Frequency
Basically, they wanted an all-purpose set of initials that could stand for lots of things (for another example, do a web search for the group MDC). But they only got as far as the two mentioned by the posters above, then gave up. So really, by the time they became successful they were just The KLF, not actually standing for anything.
jenstar, you wouldn't be talking about the ex-Crass label punksters Multi Death Corporation 'MDC' would you?
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thanks to everyone who answered



The KLF's Bill Drummond used to live in Corby when he was younger, in case yir interested (or even if yir not)

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KLF-what does it stand for?

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