I need help indentifying this tune

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David_P | 09:24 Mon 20th Feb 2012 | Music
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Hi there,

Sorry for the shoddy quality. I did my best to playback the beginning using a midi keyboard. It sounded to me like a classical or jazz/instrumental piece. Mostly piano with a catchy rhythm. Thanks.


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Sounds like it could be Zhukovs budgie having a piano lesson:-)
If you didn't see his thread, you won't know what I'm talking about!
Moonlight Sonata is a possibility if you havn't remembered it quite correctly.
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It's nothing a cup of tea wouldn't inspire a talented budgie to nail it to a T, missprim.
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It sounded more contemporary to my ears than moonlight's, shoota.
is this the tune you are looking for?
Its based on a Bach tune originally for the harpsichord. If I had to guess it might be from "The well tempered clavier" but it has been mucked about with so not sure. There is certainly some indication of Bach in it
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Le Onde is a fave of mine. No it's not Ludovico's style. Rather catchier. While my interpretation lacks chords it's *fairly* accurate and distinct.
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Thanks I'll check that out. I doubt it's Bach's. One I was listening to was arranged for piano, and it could very well be the only version of it. I'd like to add that it sounded contemporary *rather* than classical.
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Just skimmed through the entire "The well tempered clavier" collection. There's certainly some resemblance as you've mentioned, so it might be based off of it.

I've also tried looking for it using Played it through my midi keyboard and sifted through the results. Still no luck.

Darned tune, I've had better luck finding some very obscure chiptunes, can't believe my luck with this one *sigh*.

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I need help indentifying this tune

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