Gary Barlow........???

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gordyagusta | 17:49 Wed 08th Feb 2012 | Music
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Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that Gary Barlow has in recent times become all 'saintly' I think he's chasing an OBE MBE or Knighthood. I think he wants to fill Sir Paul McCartneys shoes..........


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I think he has had a makeover!
I haven't noticed him doing anything different. Has he ever been involved in any scandal?
...has he got funny eyes...or does he always look"Stunned"?
He always has been saintly.

When Take That first split and he went solo he was very bland, without the excitement and "street cred" of the other members of the band.

In fact when Take That reformed they would often make jokes at their live concerts about his inability to dance and look "cool".
I used to like Gary Barlow till he appeared on X Factor.
saw him being interviewed in Buck coordinating diamond jubilee thingy......he looked creepy...not like old Gary...
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Mr Barlow is a very astute character, and a good businessman to boot. He has his eye on the long game and will do whatever is necessary to ensure his longevity in the music biz, or it's peripheral industries.
Too many wives I guess. Been on Coronation Street for too long ;o) .............
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Silly me ;o)
In a mischievous mood today................
Gary was always the chubby one with an iffy bleached blonde barnet, now he's the fittest out of Take That- how and when did that happen?
The fittest? I think that honour goes to Jason ...
I thinks he's just grown into himself. When Take that were around the first time, people would take the mickey out of him - he wasn't the pretty one, or a great dancer, but he was the song writer and he just kept plodding.

Take That broke up, and Gary kept plodding away, writing songs for himself and others. Didn't show himself up by getting caught up with Robbie slagging off Take That, and Gary in particular.

When Take That came back they'd all grown up - things have evened up a lot and the emphasis seems to have been much more on Gary this time around. Rightly or wrongly I think he's seen as the brains of the outfit. Robbie was great for a while then fell dramatically out of fashion. Gary's got better looking with age, he's fitter and he can move better (probably helps he married a dancer), the others have lost their "prettiness." And they came back with some fantastic songs, by Gary, whose songwriting has matured and moved with the times.

Out of all of them, he was probably the most 'business like' and his talent is the one that has the longevity.

I don't think he's more 'saintly' than he ever was...just seems to have more attention focused on him. And he seems to have a sensible head on his shoulders
The only problem with Gary is he's talented and successful.
Therefore, in a lot of peoples eyes in this country ,he must be destroyed.

Leave the chap alone, he's all right.

Take That! :-P
Yes, I agree he is extremely talented.
Completely agree with Nummy, just couldn't be bothered to type it all.

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Gary Barlow........???

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