£160 To See Madonna This Summer in Edinburgh

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Fanriffic | 20:47 Sun 05th Feb 2012 | Music
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Story in todays papers say it will cost fans £160 to see Madonna in concert this summer as she plays her first concert in Scotland at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh. That does NOT include booking fee or postage.
£500 if you want the "Golden Circle Tickets"


Anyone who pays this kind of money to see her must be off their nut.
What a rip off. Do not pay these prices people. Come to your senses.
Hope it rains on the day soaking the fools.


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For a moment I thought that they paid the fans to turn up.. I would have to think about it if that was the case.. err no on reflection, but thankyou.
It's the same as any other commercial venture. You offer something and set a price. People buy it or they don't. Me I wouldn't go if you paid me.
People are going to pay huge amounts for sporting events over the summer too - tickets for the rugby can cost over £100. You pays your money and you takes your choice.
My mum told me about this earlier today... it's an absolute joke! I wouldn't go if tickets were a tenner!!
She's got to make money somehow. With everybody downloading her music illegally, for free, she's losing out big time.

If you're a fan, it's a bargain. If you're not - 50p would be too much.
Is that just the basic ticket price or the price charged by ticket touts? I think that you would have to pay me £160 to see her and even then I would not like it.

What is the normal ticket price to see an artist these days? I think it is around the £35 mark although in the case of S.E.B. she only charges (or used to charge) about £15.
I think you're a bit out of date, JB!
In 1965 I paid 15/- to see the Stones, Ike and Tina Turner and the Troggs, all on the same bill. How times have changed.
Does anyone really want to see her gyrate on stage in a leotard and fish-net tights?? *shudder*

Each to their own though!
That's the face price, JohnnyBoy.
'Anyone who pays this kind of money to see her must be off their nut.
What a rip off.'

^^^ While it's not something I'd be much intersted in I think she's a very successful woman who is admired by many and there will be plenty of relatively sane people who will be happy to spend good money to see her.
If the tickets were £1.60 I wouldn't think of going!........
But there's good money and there's extortion. You can get a weekend ticket for TITP for that nearly!!
They would have to pay me
What's TITP?
T in the Park Micmak
T in the Park... Scottish music festival :)
The price of tickets increased with the advent of Ebay. Years ago, one could get tickets for concerts for a reasonable price. When Ebay came along, ticket touts bought up all of the tickets for popular/in demand concerts thus depriving genuine fans of the pleasure of seeing their favourite artists. The fans were so desperate to see their favourite bands that they had to pay inflated prices (via ebay). The promoters of the bands then realised how much people were prepared to pay and increased their ticket prices accordingly. Vicious circle. The end result is - grossly inflated ticket prices which are way out of line with inflation.
Horses for courses. It is 224 euros to see Aida at La Scala.
> it's an absolute joke! I wouldn't go if tickets were a tenner!!

But plenty people will, otherwise they wouldn't charge that much! Would you pay £160 to see Nirvana, if Kurt still lived? Of course you would! And *THAT*'s the point... :-)

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£160 To See Madonna This Summer in Edinburgh

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